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Management & Teacher Education


                       In a broad sense education should be viewed as the process by which the consciously acquired knowledge, skills and value-based contributions of talented people are transmitted from one generation to another generation. Thereby we create a very healthy, sustainable and progressive human society and transmit culture for the benefit of mankind. Well, if this is so, we do agree that the latent perfection, which is already inherent in an individual, would manifest through its balanced and contextualized interaction in a reach- environment that provides qualitative development. This provides intellectual and moral up- bringing to a learner who is insatiably thirsty to strive and explore the unexplored in the realms of knowledge.
“My vision is to ensure that every student of the NIMTE gets the best education in a globally benchmarked environment to realise dreams of a better future”.


  • Admissions are going on for B.Ed.(2022-24) batch under Acharya Nagarjuna University, A.P

  • Admissions for B.H.Ed.(2022-24) batch is going on under D.B.H.P.S, Madras.

  • Admissions are going on for B.P.Ed. / M.Ed. (2022-24) batch  under A.N.U, A.P

  • B.Ed IInd sem (Reg./Sup.), JAN-2022 results Declared

  • Admissions are going on for B.Ed.(2022-24) batch under A.N.U, A.P

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